What We Offer

Dive Georgia Guarantees its service for your gear's full service cylcle*!

If we worked on it, it should remain in tune and ready to dive through the year. We Guarantee it! Your complete satisfaction is our goal. We want our dive tribe to be safe and comfortable!

Check out our labor rates below!

*Cost does not include parts or service kits (per stage)*

 *This guarantee excludes normal wear and tear. It also assumes the diver will maintain their gear to normal care standards (rinse, dry, avoid dragging in sand, etc). Want to know how to maintain your equipment? Sign up for one of our Equipment Specialist courses taught by our experienced teaching staff and trained technicians.
System Check Up, Full Set Inspection (Required Yearly In between Full Services or As Needed)- $75


Full Rebuild Inspection,Tune (Required Every 1-2 Years) - $45 a Stage

O2 Cleaning, Includes Full Rebuild Inspection and Tune (As Needed) - $50 a Stage


Rebuild Cleaning & Inspection (Required Every 1-2 Years) - $30

Gauges and Computers

SPG Service- $20
Computer Battery Change and Test (Standard)- $25


All Tank Services Include Parts!

Visual Inspection and Fill (Required Every Year)- $30
Nitrox Visual and 32% Fill (Required Every Year)- $90/ $100 (Steel)
Quick Rinse (As Needed)- $40
02 Cleaning, Includes 32% Fill (As Needed)- $60/ $70 (Steel)
Valve Service (Required at Hydro or As Needed)- $40