Rental Gear and Air / Nitrox / Cylinder Fills

Available Rental Equipment


Item   $Day/$Weekend/$Week
5mm Wetsuits $25-$30-$75
7mm wetsuits   $25-$40-$100
Drysuits (does not include undergarments) $40-$70-$170
Regulator/Computer sets $25-$40-$150
BCDs  $20-$30-$100
Tanks (63s available) $12-$22-$45



*Requires a call a week ahead of prefered pick up date. 


Air / Nitrox Cylinder Fill Rates

  •     Air -    $12
  •     32% - $20

    "Air Fill Cards"

  •         5 Fills       $60
  •         10 Fills     $110
  •         20 Fills     $200

*Please call ahead or drop off nitrox fills a week before prefered pick up date

Cylinder Fill Policies

We reserve the right to refuse to fill or service specific cylinders due to our own safety considerations!

All cylinders must have been visually inspected within the past year and hydrostatically re-tested within the past five years or we will not fill them. But we are certified and happy to inspect them for you before filling as part of a cylinder service (Will take more then one day) if needed!

All Nitrox cylinders require a valid and current O2 clean service label marking along with the visual and hydrostatic labels from a service center that is certified to provide such service (Such as if the service tech was certified by PSI and using a certified inspection label). If the cylinder is within standards we will be happy to fill via our pre-mixed bank system anywhere between 22%-40%.

Unless we can verify via proper labeling that inspection was done by a certified cylinder inspector (Such as one trained by PSI or industry known training organization) then the cylinder must be visually inspected and possibility O2 cleaned by a certified cylinder inspector such as the Dive Georgia PSI certified staff before being filled with Nitrox from our air fill station.

Unfortunately some shops employ service personnel that may have received on the job training but not actually certified in cylinder inspections and O2 cleaning. While they may have "serviced" your cylinder and put a label on it due to their lack of certification we can't verify it's been done to industry standards. This policy is put in place to protect our staff and equipment when filling enriched air.

If you require Nitrox custom mixes beyond 40% we are happy to provide the service as long as the cylinder has been O2 Cleaned and Visually Inspected by Dive Georgia PSI certified staff only (The cylinder will then have a Dive Georgia PSI service label). This is due to mixes beyond 40% should be treated as pure O2 along with our mixing will require partial pressure blending introducing 100% O2 into the cylinder before mixing with Air that carries risk of explosion if any contaminants are contained within the tank. This policy is put in place to protect our staff and equipment when filling enriched air.