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2-Gauge Console, SP metal PG

2-Gauge Console, SP metal PG


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Part Number:05.023.220 Manufacturer: Scubapro Color: Black, Red

2-Gauge Console, SP metal PG

  • Sleek, two-gauge inline console combines a pressure gauge (0-6000 psi imperial scale) with depth gauge in a durable brass case for easy at-a-glance diving data.
  • Oil-filled analog depth gauge offers a linear Bourdon tube design for precise readings at all depths up to 200 feet.
  • Both gauges feature red zones that clearly warn you when approaching extreme depth or pressure situations.
  • Ideal for the traveling diver who uses a non-air-integrated computer.
  • Great for both recreational and technical diving, it's backed by a manufacturer's limited 1-year warranty.

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